This will just be an ongoing list of things about me until I can think of a clever way to put words together and make sense.

I'm old, (late) 30 something
I like to eat
I consider icecream a food group
I can fall asleep anywhere
90's underground east coast hiphop has a piece of my heart, there IS a difference between RAP and HipHop.
White is my favorite color
I like cute things
Water is my preference
I swear a lot
I hate eating with forks, I prefer spoons or chopsticks
I am half Korean and half Puerto Rican
I like making things
I like buying things
I like cooking things
I tell the truth and sometimes it hurts
I like walking, running, and hiking
I fell in love with california
I like making lists
I wake up at the crack of dawn
I hardly watch any tv
I listen to classical music really loud in my car at times
I have a lot of useless information floating around in my head
I use to be a lot skinnier
I am addicted to sweets
I am a type 1 diabetic, as you can figure the previous statement doesn't help my condition
I shoot with a canon 6d
I text with an Iphone
I love my MAC
I like the smell of bleach

Hawaii will forever be home even though I dreamed of leaving that rock for so long.  Now that I am away I miss you so.


All photos on this site were taken by Shantanu Starick as he has been travelling the world for his latest project, Pixel Trade.