Friday, January 28, 2011

Love is in the air

I found this pattern here.  Nail color: Essie-foot loose

February is almost here and that means Valentine's Day.  Which also reminds me I am going to be another year older, not always wiser.

Valentine's seems to be hit or miss with people.  You either love it or hate it.  I'm curious, do you celebrate it?  If so, what do you do?

Becky is having a Valentine's giveaway over at her super crafty fun blog.  Go check it out, you might win some valentine cards to pass out to your friends or co-workers.  


  1. i started making one of these but i failed!! I shud start again but i dont fully understand that flickr pattern

  2. My boyfriend's birthday is the 12th, and my birthday is the 28th of February, so we don't make a huge deal of valentines day. This year we'll probably cook a nice meal together and watch a movie.

  3. adorable heart.
    Hubby and I exchange cards which is lovely, but don't go out or anything. we always tell each other how much we mean (to each other) every day :) x

    have a fab weekend x

  4. I love the crocheted heart its adorable! I try to celebrate Valentines Day atleast for my daughter, the hubs says he's got my gift ready but we will see. haha. He's not always the greatest at getting gifts. (For my birthday last year i got balloons and a card.) Talk about a let down. I know I know its the thought that counts. haha

  5. :) love the heart! You know I tried to make a little heart but I just haven't learned the magic ring or whatever its called!
    I love LOVE lol so I love Valentines, but not a fancy dinner kind, just extra loviness or go to the beach, just do something extra fun!
    ps we were going to Bern's for my bday, but someone forgot to call and tried on Thursday and now we aren't going bc it's booked lol way to go Brian! ;) who knows what we'll do now! no big deal, anyways Gasparilla is down in Tampa this weekend so I want to stay in Palm Harbor lol no going over towards Tampa!! My brother came down from school to go - he LOVES it! eyeroll ;)

  6. If only I had the talent and skill... What a great gift!

    Oh, and I gave you an award…

  7. Very cute little heart :)

    I personally don't celebrate Valentine's day, but I never say no to receiving flowers :P

  8. i don't love or hate v-day. but i actually do celebrate it with my boyfriend because it's another excuse to try a cool new restaurant!

  9. I have not tackled crocheting the heart yet. Yours turned out great. Love the nail polish too.
    We celebrate Valentines Day here at Poot manor usually by making a special meal toghether. Noting too fancy!

  10. Such a sweet heart! Love it. Hubbie and I exchange cards and have a little laugh about it, but we don't take Valentine's Day too seriously... better to say how much you care more than just one day a year.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the birthday wishes for my son. Please do keep visiting!

  11. Love the heart! My husband and I don't do anything. We're not big into "commercialized" holidays, even though we do tell each other we love each other and try to do kind things for each other often.

  12. Heart is so cute! Love the polish 2! Saw it on FTLOB crafty hop. I am following you now ;)

    My hubby and I don't make 2 big of a deal out of it anymore, 2 babies so it is more about them.

    You can check out my blog 2 if you want, love to have ya stop by ;)